The Members of Constitutional Bodies and
All the Registered Members,
Bhutanese Association in South Australia (BASA),
Adelaide, SA.

Dear Members,
We are pleased to inform you all that BASA is going to hold its first Annual General Meeting on Saturday 30th of July 2011 at 1 pm in Coglin Hall in Adelaide, South Australia. We are confident that you have received and read our last email sent on 19 June 2011 regarding the AGM scheduled for 30th July.

In preparation to the AGM, we had called for a meeting on 2 July 2011 to discuss program and agenda for the AGM. Many members could not make it for the meeting. However, the members who were present for the meeting on 2nd July resolved to execute some amendment in the Constitution with some relevant organizational structural changes. It also decided to include and reflect all the constitutional bodies in the main Constitution, besides mentioning it in the other document entitled ‘Rules for Internal Administration’. As we are approaching to the stage where some of our community members will be applying and getting Australian citizenship, we have discussed and decided to add the word ‘Australian’ in our organization’s nomenclature, making it ‘Bhutanese Australian Association of South Australia’ (BAASA). And we are also adding the membership category of ‘Associate Members’ to encourage non-Bhutanese Australian to become an associate member of our organization.

Different committees have been constituted to facilitate the smooth conduction of AGM, such as, Constitutional Amendment Drafting Committee (Jogen Gazmere, Bikram Adhikari and Avishek Gazmere); Annual Report Preparation Committee ( Indra Adhikari, Ichha Poudel, Avishek Gazmere, Sushil Niroula and Jogen Gazmere); Financial Report Preparation Committee ( T.B. Rai, Devi Bhattarai, Jeewan Koirala and Tara Ghimirey); Membership Renewal Initiative (Tika Ghaley) and AGM Organizing Committee ( Gopal Ghimirey, Sushil Niroula, Jeewan Koirala, Jyotshna Karki, Avishek Gazmere, Bikram Adhikari and Jogen Gazmere).

We are sending the copy of our Constitution and points of amendment to be made. The Members of Constitutional Bodies and all the Registered Members are requested to make suggestions on the same and advice for successful conduction of our AGM.

Looking forward to your active, effective and productive participation,

Thanking you,

Jogen Gazmere Bikram Adhikari
Chairperson, Public Officer,

DATE: 11 July 2011

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