Change in education system, family circumstances or personal life aren’t really hindrances for achievers. Rupesh Gautam is one such example from Bhutanese community in South Australia who proved that his talent continue to grow even after migrating to Australia.

Rupesh receiving awards from ARA representative
Rupesh received excellence award from Adelaide Secondary School of English this year when he completed his English improvement course of Grade 10 for new migrants. The school coordinates with Australian Refugee Association (ARA) to provide award for a student who achieves excellence every term. This is the first award any Bhutanese youth in South Australia received any such award. The award carried a cash purse of 100 dollars and a certificate.

The award is given based on overall performances of the student. Rupesh achieved 8/10 in English, 10/10 in science and mathematics to top all students in the school. He also performed well on extra-curricular activities, stayed disciplined and solemn. He is now admitted to Grade 11 in Salisbury High School.

Rupesh has interests in cricket and table tennis though he has participated only few sports activities in the school. Other area of his interest includes arts and painting – the talent he built while in Nepal. He has time to play with friends, watch TV programmes and movies, read some English novels yet prescribes at least two hours daily for his studies. Rupesh says, even while browsing through computer and internet, which he usually does 2-4 hours a day, he cares not to miss the information related to the subject matter of his interests.

Given his talent in Mathematics, Rupesh wishes to build career on this. “For all these years in Australia, I am repeating everything in Maths that I studied back in Nepal. I have learnt nothing new in this subject so far,” he says.

Rupesh hopes his English skills will sharply rise as he moves to High School. He has met excellent friends in new school where only six Bhutanese are studying.

Rupesh says, the excellence award has given more encouragement for him to devote on studies and wish he achieves better in a new school.


  1. Good luck with your future studys, rupesh , your an inspiration to your community ,and all young bhutanese in sa , that if u strive with your studys u can achieve a high education staytus in our lucky country.

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