The Bhutanese Association in South Australia (BASA) has passed a resolution on “Declaration on Inclusion” with an aim to strengthen and deepen the values and principles of inclusion in the Bhutanese community in South Australia.
Issuing a press statement Wednesday, the organization said a recent meeting of its constitutional bodies and community representatives resolved to adopt the declaration at the backdrop of several cases of social exclusions prevalent in the Bhutanese community living in Adelaide.
The statement mentioned that at the meeting, BASA’s Chairperson Jogen Gazmere presented a paper that highlighted the international and national human rights laws and Vedic basis of the oneness of all creations against the current practice of caste and race apartheid by those preaching the ‘doctrine of superiority’.
It said, “The meeting unanimously consented on the formation of the eleven members Special Committee (SC) chaired by the Chairperson of Ombudspersons, Gopal Ghimirey.”
The SC is mandated to investigate the cases where the attempts of social segregation and threat of social sanction have occurred by seeking written statement from both the victims and the inciter, informed BASA’s statement.
It further wrote that the SC would submit the report to the thirteen member Board of Inclusion Chaired by Ichha Poudel which will then take the matter to the community and the broader Australian society, including the government bodies, in the process of addressing them.
“Through the social and legal approaches, BASA is attempting to shift the social paradigm from the vile foundation of exclusion to that of inclusion and break away from the imposed divisive values and tradition,” Gazmere told BNS.
BASA has also requested all its community members to cooperate in its mission of providing service and security for the progress and prosperity of the community by supporting the creation of a united, cultured and harmonious Bhutanese community in South Australia.
Source : Bhutan News Service

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