September 18, 2010: Bhutanese Community in South Australia attended the ‘back to new discoveries’ programme  launched under Nonno Nippote project by The Campania Sports and Social Club Sons of Italy in South Australia through which grandparents and grand children will jointly visit their place of origin in Italy.

Bhutanese community member had the special invitee attendance at the farewell ceremony organized this week here. The Italian community expressed their gratitude to Bhutanese for attending the functions also attended by His Excellency Mr. Hieu Van Le, Lieutenant governor for SA. Honorable MP Mr. Francis Bedford, representing Premier of SA, Honorable MP Mr. Steven Marshall, representing Leader of Opposition and Ms. Orietta Borgia, Acting Consulate of Italy for SA.

Speaking on the occasion, His Excellency Hieu Van Le, who initiated friendship between the two communities in SA, expressed his happiness for continued strengthening bond of relationship between an established and a new community in SA.

Coordinator of the Nippote project Mark Quaglia expressed willingness of the Campania Community, who first resettled in SA after Second World War, to help emerging Bhutanese community to integrate and adjust in Australia.

Addressing the function, chairman of Bhutanese Association in South Australia, Jogen Gazmere, said the journey set by the grandparents and grandchildren would be culturally and emotionally very fulfilling and educationally and spiritually very enlightening. He added that it would contribute to the deepening and strengthening of socio-cultural ties between South Australia and the Region of Campania.

Gazmere on the occasion apprised the Italian community of the cause behind eviction and resettlement of Bhutanese in Australia and other countries during the last few years.

He said,” The Bhutanese community in South Australia has children in some families who have lost their fathers due to inhumane treatment, cruelty and torture whilst incarcerated, widows who have lost their husbands who died fighting for justice, human rights and democracy in Bhutan, many senior members who are survivors of torture and are presently suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.”

He further said, “I must mention here that the Bhutanese community is extremely fortunate to get a continuous attention and support from His Excellency Lieutenant Governor Hieu Van Le. With gracious support from the Lieutenant Governor, our organization has been able to establish a relation of friendship and fraternity with The Campania Sports and Social Club. We are also thankful to Commissioner Tony Simeone for his support for the same. We look forward to strengthening our relationship with the Campania Community and enrich ourselves from their experience and support in the days to come.”

Bhutanese joined the other quests for the dinner and entertained themselves playing bocce.

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