Dear Community Members,

As it was decided in the meeting dated 30/01/2010 and twelve member organizing committee was formed with the responsibility of hosting the program, the Annual Day Celebration has concluded finally.

I would like to thank to all the community members and the guests for their participation in the program due to whose effort, it was brought to this stage.

The credibility goes to all the dancers (Yasoda Samal and her team) who demonstrated their talent on the stage. It is due to their dedication for long which has prepared our event and given this shape. Sangini too helped us to exhibit the rich culture of the Bhutanese.Thanks to Ms Bishnu Maya Dahal and Ms Dil Kumari Karki for coordinating it. Singing too were not less than the previous performances which was coordinated by Bikram Adhikari and Subash Dhungana. Thanks to Mr. Jogen Gazmere,the Chairperson of our Organisation, for composing a song with a beautiful lyrics that reminded all of us that we are Bhutanese even though we are in the foreign soil. Most of our guests have shown thier interst to see the lyrics of the song once again as it really says, “ADVANCE AUSTRALIA FAIR”.

Many many thanks to Miss Nirmala Dahal, Tika Ghaley, Mrs Devika Gazmere, Mrs. Manju Sunar and their team for preparing the performers at the back of the stage.

Guests were very glad to witness the new culture which has now become a part of the Australian Multicultural Society as I found one of them from Magdalene Centre saying ‘I love your culture’ The way we welcomed the guests with with the colourful KHADAS of DHAKA, recieved the highest degree of appreciation from the guests and the audience. Thanks to Mr.Gauri Niroula for managing the cultural costumes within a short peroid of time that flew from overseas.

Tara Ghimirey and his team could not be forgotten again whose food added another plus point when it decorated the dinning table. All the participants were found taking it with much interest.I received some good comments from the guests, where Damian from Office and Recreation and Sports said “Dishes are so delicious and I really enjoyed it’and our people saying that the flavor that the dishes have is likely to come and taste it again”.

I would also like to thank to Mr.Tara Gautam, Bhakta Khadka, Mitra Bhattarai and thier team who played an active role in the serving desk of the food in the kitchen.

As the responsibility of the decoration and the arrangement of the hall was taken by the event and activity management desk, Chitra Gautam, Khagendra Khatiwoda and Kamal Dahal did a fantastic job with their team.

I would not miss to thank Mr.Chandra Khadka for technical assistance he has shown during the show in the evening, who was overall guided by Mr. Bikram Adhikari.

I would also like to acknowledge Mr. Devi Pokhrel and Miss Jyotshna Karki for conducting and running the whole program successfully.

My sincere thanks also goes to Icchha Poudyal, Dom Kafley and Sushil Pokhrel for the media coverage and disseminating the information in every corner of the world.

I would also like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the member of the Apex Coucil, Advisory Board, Omburdperson and the Executive Body of our Organisation, Bhutanese Association in South Australia, for the cooperation and the support they have extended from the planning till the completion of the event.

Looking forward for this type of support always.

Sushil K Niroula
Annual Day Celebration

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