Melbourne, February 25, 2009: Resettled Bhutanese in Australia have donated AUS$ 2493.00 to the local Red Cross committee as part of their support for the victims of recent bushfire in Melbourne.

Chitra Bhandari in Lanceston alone donated AUS$200.00. When asked him why he wanted to donate such a big amount, Bhandari said, his life is a donation given by Australia and what ever is in his pocket is from the Australian people, including the ones who has died and effected by fire.

Worst in the history of Australian Bush fire, the ferocious ablaze on February 7 killed at least 210 people, destroyed 200 homes and left 7,000 people displaced. The fire had begun on Melbourne’s hottest day on record, fanned by 50mph winds and fuelled by tinder-dry leaf litter.

No resettled Bhutanese caught in fire.

Message from the Bhutanese Community of Australia
In this hour of difficulty, we from the Bhutanese community in Australia would like to extend our heartfelt condolence to all the bushfire victims in Victoria . We send our sincere sympathy, thoughts, hopes and prayers to all those who have lost families, friends, relatives and property.Before coming to Australia some ten months ago we were homeless and have lost 17 years of our valuable lives without any hope. We have experienced how it feels to be homeless and the pain of loosing family members.
In this arduous time, we are here to help you in anyway possible. Our contribution is a small token but our empathy and feelings for all the victims of bushfire are as high as the mountains.

We are here to laugh when you laugh, and cry when you cry, and together we stand as Australians to rescue you from this dreadful event by participating in the rebuilding process in every way possible.

Bhutanese Community in Australia (Adelaide, Albury, Hobart, Launceston, Melbourne Sydney and Wodonga)


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